– What are your turnaround times?
Screen printing ~ 2 Weeks
Single Photo Tees ~ 1-5 Days
Text Tees ~ 1-5 Days
All turnaround times are based upon a Monday order date. Please call if you have an quick turnaround order.

– Do you offer Rush Orders?
We can certainly try, however there are many factors that can impact a fast turnaround. Give us a email/call and we’ll figure out if it’s possible.

– All turnaround times are based upon difficulty of the job, and upon product availability. We do what we can to get things turned around in a reasonable amount of time. Communication is key.

– Delivery is available within a set area around the Metro.

– Shipping is available.

– How do payments work?
Terms are half down on wholesale orders, or 5% discount with full payment. Subject to changes based upon order details.

– Can we provide our own T-shirts?
Sure, we don’t mind you providing your own shirts, we usually can beat most prices. We do not hold any liability for damages for provided garments, and recommend you provide extra pieces for testing prior to production runs. Generally Cotton is the best choice, followed by poly/cotton blends. The further we get away from cotton, the more difficult it is to imprint on different styles of fabric.